Hello everyone!

I am Plastic Artist, Mu-kee Kim.
Why do you live?
For what reason is a human life bound to make a closing with death?
Then, may the end of space really come?
Can it be true that thought and life of analogue against the rapidly-changing digital age will become a social failure?
Why does the change come in the beginning and end of life, in the joy and anger together with sorrow and pleasure?
Why does human feelings change countlessly for just a day?
What is a common factor in Sartre's 'existential philosophy' and Jangja's 'letting nature be' ?
What is his own plastic language in the work of an artist?
Is it possible to find his own color among what everyone has worried and questioned about?
Can an art historian write my position in the art history?
Finishing college and graduate school with sculpture and beginning a career as an artist,
I have endlessly asked a question to myself through speculation about nihility, play, and existence of human life.
I think what is the meaning of work and how to communicate with the younger about my artistic skills and intuition.
Can human become a owner in the earth regardless of his longevity, while trees have taken roots and lived for a thousand years?
What can make artists' lives more affluent?
In order to create my original plastic language, I also have thought about the truth of life which everyone has worried about ideal and reality,
play and nihility, life and death like this and god has left to human as an eternal assignment.
So as to untangle the thread of existence, I have been striving to work by communicating with world, visiting ages,
endlessly thinking about existence of self, and listening to a murmuring of world.
In order to communicate with you!
Thank you for hearing me, thank you!